LianTronics VF Series

LianTronics VF series are specially designed for fine-pitch LEDs in indoor applications. The ultra-thin panels blend harmoniously into the environment, are flexible and versatile to install, and impress with their lifelike image quality.

In a 16:9 ratio, the VF panels can be combined into a common display ratio to match standard video sources. The 39 mm slim housing is only half as thick as conventional housings. The overall wall-mount thickness is only 64 mm, saving more than 90% installation space. Optional SMD, 4in1 mini-LED or GOB technology are available for the LEDs, meeting every conceivable requirement in terms of image quality, pixel pitch and room size.

Functions such as intelligent data backup, reset at the push of a button, automatic calibration of the module and arbitrary rotation of images are already integrated.

Modules, power supply and system board can be easily serviced from the front and module removal takes only one second.


Pixel Pitch: 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.9/2.5 mm
Panel size: 610×343 mm
Weight: 6.7kg/piece
Brightness: 600nits adjustable
Service access: front side
Panel material: die-cast aluminum



LianTronics VF Series