Heckler Design AV Cart

Heckler Design AV conferencing carts are designed and constructed to compliment the spaces you work in because you take pride in your office environment.

Build your perfect video conferencing solution with Heckler AV Cart. Attractive design, modular construction, nest-ability, and support for the latest video conferencing equipment are combined to create the best possible set-up.

Heckler AV Cart allows you to stash modern components behind the display and out-of-sight, while managing any cable mess with ease.


You can configure your carts your way. Use the mounting options as you prefer. Camera above or below the display? The codec behind the display and the speakerphone on the shelf? It’s up to you. The new cart-based rack system and shelf hardware enables your ideas.

Upgrade to dual displays

Upgrade your Heckler AV Cart any time with the dual display kit. Position your dual display cart at the edge of your conference room table to create a first-class telepresence experience.


Two-people and ten minutes is all you need to assemble and equip Heckler AV Cart We’ve carefully considered your time in the design of the packaging, assembly, and configuration of Heckler AV Cart. Assembly tools are included. 

Heckler Design AV Cart