Extron SW USB Series

The Extron SW2 USB, SW4 USB, and SW4 USB Plus are two- and four-input USB switches that allow switching between multiple host devices and multiple USB peripherals. They provide easy integration solutions for USB 2.0 compliant switching in professional AV environments. Other features of these systems contribute to better integration, port status indication, RS-232 pass-through, front panel security lock, and multiple control points. The SW4 USB Plus has host and peripheral device emulation mode that allows devices to stay powered on by mimicking host and keyboard / mouse communication within the switch. Emulation eliminates the need for enumeration and reduces the chances of device communication failing during the switching process.


  • Compatible with USB 2.0
  • Four port output hub with 5V, 500 mA available on each output
  • Port status LED
  • Multiple control points
  • RS-232 pass-through

Extron SW USB Series
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