DEKOM Spark Board Stand

DEKOM Spark Board Stand can easily be integrated in any conferencing room. For easy access to the devices the aluminium casing can be opened on the backside and locked with a key. DEKOM Spark Board Stand is available as a display stand for the 55” Spark Board.

Design characteristics

  • Visually appealing design with hidden cabling
  • Available in two colours to stand out in any meeting room
  • Hidden wheelbase, with easy-ride technology

Key benefits

  • Most flexible solution
  • No need for additional materials or cabling
  • Awesome aesthetics and visually appealing design
  • Move your Spark Board to any room you want

DEKOM Spark Board Stand

Technical details: DEKOM Spark Board Stand

  • Special mounting for Spark Board
  • Mounted at optimal height and slightly adjustable
  • Integrated mounting for loudspeaker module
  • Integrated mounting for a codec or other hardware
  • Two integrated 3-way power socket modules
  • Storage for optional additional components
  • Closed cabinet for all peripherals and components