Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software

Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software helps you to use your meeting rooms as effectively as possible. It optimizes your current booking processes and thus reduces your administrative workload.

The software supports you in planning and managing meetings, conference rooms and even video conferences. The system is freely scalable so that you can adapt the solution to the individual requirements of your company.

Condeco also offers an effective solution for your visitor management. With the software, your reception desk is always aware of when the next visit is due and where the appointment will take place. This relieves your employees and at the same time increases their satisfaction by reducing unnecessary waiting times.

Condeco also offers a variety of different integration options. On the one hand, you can integrate the software directly into Outlook, so that you can book appointments as conveniently as possible. The booking software also offers the possibility of integration with Cisco, Polycom and Skype for Business, so that you can automatically add meetings to your room booking.