Condeco Desk Management Software

Desk Management from Condeco is a software. It helps you to use your workstations as effectively as possible. This reduces administration costs and ensures flexibility for your employees.

With Condeco's software, you can assign workstations and each individual employee can book his workstation via app. The booking details are stored directly in the cloud and the most important details are shared with the other employees.

In the app you can control at any time how many employees are in a workspace. This way you can reduce the workspace density and ensure that your space is used efficiently.

Automatic notifications inform your facility management and cleaning staff where and what needs to be done. This creates an environment in which your employees always feel comfortable. Your premises are always clean and designed for productive work.

The Desk Management Software also records the use of your work areas - individually and per employee. So you receive detailed reports about the utilization and conditions in your office.

Condeco Desk Management Software