CollaBoard is an extended whiteboard optimized for interactive touchscreens as well as usage with touch and digital pen. Thereby, CollaBoard gives you the opportunity to realize many use cases for modern teamwork and to go beyond chat-based communication and collaboration.

Established CollaBoard customers have already realized the following use cases on their interactive touchscreens:

  • Creativity sessions (brainstorming & mind-mapping)
  • Digital workshops
  • Dynamic presentations
  • Process modelling
  • Digitization of agile methods (e.g. Kanban)

CollaBoard on-premise – Full control over your own data

Interactive touchscreens with CollaBoard allow teams to be creative, to develop ideas and to collaborate in a new way. Often, the results of e team session contain sensitive data, that companies must not or do not want to save in the cloud.

Therefore, we have developed CollaBoard on-premise next to the Azure version in order to allow collaboration across locations. All data can be saved within the company and is handled confidentially.

With the on-premise version, CollaBoard supports all enterprises, that are not allowed to save information in a cloud (yet) on account of of their privacy policy, but that are nevertheless interested in collaboration across locations on interactive touchscreens.