Synergy Sky

Synergy Sky was founded 2008 in Norway, and has headquarters in Oslo, Stockholm and New York City.

Synergy Sky designs, develops and markets trailblazing yet user-friendly software for video meetings. The company specializes on multi-vendor video environments, and their software makes it possible to join a meeting with “one-click” from anywhere. 2 million users already enjoy their video meeting experience with Synergy JOIN. The target is to make all video meetings easy to join, control, analyze and manage.

The team of Synergy Sky has over 10 years of experience as problem-solvers in the video conferencing industry. Collectively, they have hundreds of thousands of video meetings under their belts. They have connected ISDN videoconference to Mount Everest over satellite as well as having solved unified collaboration challenges for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Synergy Sky offers three different software models:

Synergy JOIN - Synergy JOIN provides a simple and user-friendly method to schedule and start video meetings. Users can book a meeting in Outlook or Google Calendar without plug-ins and join with 'one-click' from a video system, desktop and mobile regardless of vendor.

Synergy CONTROL - Synergy CONTROL gives administrators full control of all video conferences - both ad-hoc and scheduled. Its unique search functions help the administrator to get an instant overview when immediate assistance is required. The administrator can use the command functions such as adding and removal of participants or muting and unmuting participants.

Synergy ANALYZE - Synergy ANALYZE helps organizations understand collaboration trends and patterns. It provides the data needed to make fact-based decisions on collaboration investments, divestments, training and service changes. Analytics data contributes to an increased ROI for collaboration, and provides clear evidence and key insight to stakeholders.