The SONY PCS-XA55 is a powerful HD videoconference system. This system can be installed easily and is an ideal solution for meetings in our everyday business.

Changes in the existing AV infrastructure at the office environment are not necessary, because the compact HD CMOS camera can be connected to different screens. The SONY PCS-XA55 system convinces by the smooth, clear HD video and high sound quality of the built-in microphone.

The following components are supplied with this videoconferencing system: a video codec module, an HDMI cable to connect a monitor and a remote control (contacts in the address list can be selected easily with speed dial numbers). A monitor is not included in this system.


Teknik detaylar: SONY PCS-XA55

  • Konferans Odası
  • Toplantı Odaları
  • High Definition 720p30 (1.280x720 pixel ve 30 kare saniyede)


„Bir uzaktan eğitim sisteminin başlıca avantajlarından biri; öğrencilerin kayıtlara basit bir şekilde ve doğrudan erişebilmesidir.“

Prof. Dr. Sönke Knutzen
HAMBURG/HARBURG Teknik Üniversitesi