This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Cisco Profile 55" Dual.

Cisco Profile 55" Dual

The Profile 55” Dual from Cisco is a fully integrated all-in-one solution. The Profile 55” features 55” displays and a PrecisionHD™ 1080p camera. It provides crystal-clear video images in HD and also allows multimedia content to be displayed. With a wide range of connection options and high quality audio components, the Cisco Profile 55” Dual can be superbly integrated with existing media technology. The system configuration is always identical, making it easier to set up video communication throughout the company. 

The sleek, elegant and exclusively designed system is also available in a single screen version, and is suitable for medium-sized to large, prestigious conference rooms.

Cisco Profile 55" Dual

Technical details: Cisco Profile 55" Dual

  • Conference Room
  • Dual Stream with two playback devices
  • Dual stream two playback devices with 30 frames per second
  • Multipoint
  • High Definition Multipoint
  • High Definition 720p30 (1280 x 720 Pixel with 30 frames per second)
  • High Definition 720p60 (1280 x 720 Pixel with 60 frames per second)
  • Standard Definition 352 x 288 Pixel (CIF)



„A major advantage of the e-learning platform is that our students gain very simple and immediate access to the recordings.“

Prof. Dr. Sönke Knutzen
Vice President Teaching, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg